Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bumping into the wall

So I find myself at the hospital again. My father was discharged on Friday but we are back. And here's why: On our way to a run of the mill blood test, my father started walking wonky. He spine was totally bent favouring his left side and what was weird about it was that he couldn't tell that he wasn't straight. He was almost falling over and bumped into the wall several times. His oncologists told us to take him to the Emergency Centre.

So he's currently having a CT on his brain and we have absolutely no idea what is going on. My gut feeling is a mini stroke, but who knows. What is slightly funny about it is that my father is not afraid of his symptoms. He would rather have gone out lunch than be checked out. What he is afraid of is having to be in hospital again. Because that's where they hurt him. That's where there are unconcerned strangers who poke and prod him and that's where he gets bad news.

No idea what is actually going on with him, so allow me to wait and see. Don't we always?

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