Monday, 16 November 2009

So I'm not actually in Israel

Everything has been quiet for a few days. My father had his last round of Chemo yesterday, and I believe all went well.

My mother told me that she has been trying to contact the woman who recommended us to French Surgeon. He had treated her husband and that's how the whole thing came about. There had been radio silence for a while and then my mother found out that the man had died, which was why his wife was unavailable. And apparently French Surgeon knew this when we sat with him and never mentioned it. Nice. I won't dwell on it, because the two cases are very different, but it happened. So it goes.

I was supposed to go to Israel last night, but I put off my flight because I felt sniffly in the morning. Seriously. My father's white blood cell count was down yesterday at chemo, so his immune system is feeling a bit down in the dumps. The last thing he needs is someone coughing on him. I feel much better this morning, but I have rearranged my flight for Tuesday (£30 change fee, thank you BA!)

So I am still in London.

My mother just told me that the chemotherapy madness was even worse yesterday than when I was there. Apparently, there was only one nurse on duty for scores of patients, and, because my dad's nurse was not there, this one had no idea which treatment her needed. "Is it treatment one or two?" Cue my mother calling Doctor Friend, who came down and gave her the right prescription. But my father has been given two different treatments in the past month. So one of them MUST HAVE BEEN WRONG. Great. My mother and I are both losing faith in this hospital very fast.

Also, in the 14min conversation that I had with my mother today, she said that she thinks that I am far too willing to give up my dreams for the good of other people and that I should not be doing it. She is referring to bouncing back and forth to see my dad, but doesn't only refer to that. I told her about the project I am slowly cooking up to placate her, but, as usual, at the back of my head, I hear "27%!" So I sacrifice a year to my father. So what? As far as I know, I have a few more in reserve, which he may not.

Beh. Everything will be clear on the 1st. Maybe. Or Maybe Not.

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  1. I would do the exact same thing girl...I mean bouncing back and forth and putting my own life on hold for a year. That's just the way some people are. They'd rather spend their money on making someone else happy instead of bunkering it for themselves at the bank, or as in this case they'd rather be with the person they care about instead of going on as if everything is normal. Of course not everybody has the possibility to act that way....if something like this were to happen to my dad my brother for example couldn't just take a year off and leave his wife and three kids unsupported...I guess it always depends on what situation you are currently in. How is your partner dealing with you beeing away a lot of the time? As i understand it she also needs some support?
    As always thinking of you!
    Love, Tessa