Thursday, 29 October 2009

Out of touch

Being in London has one big drawback. I get updates once a day about how my parents are doing and I consequently feel guilty about not being there. That's not to say that anything is wrong, but so much goes on when I am there that I know that I am not getting all the news.

However, what I do know is that Evil Dissenting Doctor never got back to my mother, despite the fact that she was calling and emailing him every day. She finally managed to get a hold of him to ask him the important question of what to do about my father's blood sugar levels. My father has been on a low sugar diet for a very long time, as he has been trying to keep diabetes at bay. Now, with the new, low fat diet, his sugar levels have gone through the roof. Which is bad. So my mother rang to ask what to do. He said "ask your GP". She said "We don't have a GP here". He said "Oh, we must fix you up with one". My mother went ape-shit, seeing as she does not want a GP to give her advice when a GP would in no way be a pancreatic cancer specialist. So the ongoing Israel experience is not a good one.

Problem is, of course, that if my parents go back to Houston for the superior healthcare, they will lose the social network that they have in Israel. My mother also says that the guests have been coming far less this week, which is silly as this week my father is feeling better. In the first week after chemo, my father is supposed to feel like crap. In the second week, not so much.

Personally, I think I am pro them going back to Houston. It would only be a month now (slightly less even) and the care would be much better. But it's not up to me, as much as I can make my views heard. Also, I am worried about giving out opinions, because I know that these are things that my parents get quite enough of without me adding my voice to the hubbub.

Otherwise, nothing to report. I am keeping busy but I am almost waiting to go back to Israel to know what is going on. Gah.

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