Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Decisions, Decisions

So, I fell asleep with the phone on my chest last night, until the call finally came. This will mostly be a medical post, so bear with me.

In short, the spot on my father's liver has not moved. It's a bloody fat deposit, like we claimed all along. Which means that his cancer has always been localised, which is fantasitc news. Also, the tumour is exactly the same size and does not seem to be spreading. Also good.

Now, what MD Anderson would like to do is send him for another round of chemo (with different chemicals - don't ask me why) and then radiation and then, hopefully surgery. We like surgery. Only problem is that my parents have French Surgeon who is willing to operate on it now, more or less. MD Anderson are worried that this could cause the cancer to spread (remember the angry tumour? We don't like him) thus effectively killing him.

The question therefore remains: Do we go the "safe route" and risk the cancer spreading despite the chemo, rendering it inoperable? Or do we operate now and take the risk that it will fail?

My parents are discussing it, along with Family Friend Doctor and many other people. It's the best possible outcome so far, but still leaves my family with some difficult choices.

After my parent's rang, my brother rang, thus waking me up again.

-"Have you heard anything?"
- "Um, yes. They called about 20 minutes ago"
- "I think they may have rung me first because they know that I am 6 hours ahead of them and you are not"

So, that's the update. Good news all round, but I am waiting to find out what they think further.

For me, this either means that my dad will be back in Israel for more chemo, which I might skip this time around, or he is going for the surgery, which I will definitely be joining them for.

It's a big like a soap opera cliffhanger.

Will she stay or will she go?

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  1. What I'd do if it were me?

    Well, as I understand it, MD Anderson are about the best cancer hospital in the world. So I'd take their advice.