Sunday, 17 January 2010

Onwards and upwards

So my parents managed to make it across the big ocean and back to MD Anderson (after a mishap with a closed airport and not being allowed to leave). Supervising doctor is positive, although I am worried by my father's report, which was, "he is a stubborn one, but we broke him in the end". Yes, that's my parents all over. They will pummel you until you break.

He is done with the abraxin (the drug that was making him feel yucky in the current chemo) and is going back to more regular chemo. He has a session on Monday and then they are going to prep him for radiation, which probably sounds more exciting than it is. He is going to have radiation therapy every day for about 10 mins a day for 6 weeks, with weekends off, and then there will be about 2 months of nothing, while they wait to see if the radiation has fried everything. Then it's surgery to remove the dead cells, we hope, and then possibly more chemo. Fun.

In terms of dates, he is due to start radiation on the 25th of January and they are planning to leave Houston for sunny Thailand on the 7th March. My dad wants to spend his "time off" in Thailand, which makes me smile and shake my head. Then, in May sometime, they will be back in Houston and we will see from there.

I am probably planning to go to see them in Houston at the beginning of February. Maybe. They are still arranging their schedules.

I have absolutely nothing deep and meaningful to say about cancer or anything else today, as I am mostly spending my time looking up prices on flights. Did you know that it is half the price to fly return to the States than one way, even if you throw away the return half? Stupid airlines.

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  1. If you ever want to stop off in Chicago... xoxo